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Nicola Canzano is a composer, harpsichordist and organist based in New York City who specializes in the composition and improvisation of baroque music. His baroque compositions have been performed across the globe and some of them have appeared as course material at the University of Oregon. 


He currently serves on the faculty of Michigan State University as Asst. Prof. of Harpsichord, and as a staff accompanist at Juilliard. A returning guest lecturer at Juilliard on fugal improvisation, Nicola has also given presentations on improvisation in conjunction with his ensemble, Nuova Pratica, at Cornell and the University of Michigan, and served on the panel for the International Conference on Historical Improvisation in 2022.

He is an enthusiastic proponent of the revival of historical music education, which he believes will allow music students to gain a well-rounded mastery and appreciation of their art. 

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